PaperPlane is a video game where you fly a paper airplane through typical childhood memories. You give life back to these memories by flying close to them, through them or around them.

Enabling those memories give access to little sketches which put some movement to the landscape. Also, each one of them is can be viewed in a polaroid pictures book inside the tree house.

PaperPlane won the student first prize (ex-aequo) at the Milthon Awards 2010.

PaperPlane got the IGF 2011 Student Showcase prize.

Update: new version 2011-01-14-3 available!




What you need :

  • Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista or Seven
  • Graphics Card with Shader Model 2.0
  • Around 300MB on your hard drive
  • Keyboard / Xbox 360 Controller (optional)
Included in the setup :
  • PaperPlane
  • DirectX (August 2009) Redist
  • Visual Studio 2008 Redist
What's new (in version 2011-01-14-3) :
  • Keyboard controls (by default if you don't have a gamepad)
  • Some little bugs fixes
  • Changed the intro screens
What's new (in version 2014-10-01) :
  • Fix crash in Unity
  • Removed intro video for smaller size
  • Zip file instead of setup

http://paperplane-game.com/pub/paperplane-2014-10-01.zip (116 MB)

Extras :


Martial PotronProducer
Kévin PoupardGame Designer
Pierre HornezGame Designer
Pierre LemassonGraphics Designer
Ronan KergosienGraphics Designer
Rémi GilligProgrammer
Vincent PancaldiProgrammer
Laurent MartinSound Designer
Julien BarbeUsability Expert
To contact us, please e-mail us at paperplane@speps.fr. We love to hear from you all!